We close the gap between the physical and the online world.

Trigger actions with physical buttons via bluetoothLE (very cheap, battery last for ~2 years and no wire needed, solid wired buttons, mobile web-application and in the future you will be able to use sensors too.

Base-Station can handle complex operations, many expansion options (SMS, power relay, sensors, …), triggered actions could start functions on the base-station, sent to a cloud service or trigger directly other services on the internet.

Open-Source is our way to go! Basic software and hardware will be Open Source, so everyone can participate.

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You can trigger actions in multiple ways:

  • Bluetooth LE Beacon button
    Our custom created buttons are available soon :)
  • Wired solutions
  • Smartphone
    open an url and action is triggered or click on a custom made webapp to do the same

  • Chatbots
    as a PoC we build a Telegram Bot

Find the latest news and progress on our blog